Aug 032016


Creativity and Inspiration for writers. Join us after the general meeting as special guest speaker Joanna Ballard leads us in a discussion on how to draw on the inspiration around us and add sparks of creativity in our writing.



Joanna Ballard began her storytelling and writing career before she could even read or write by creating her own songs and stories. She was first published at the age of 16 and has been widely published and won numerous contests. Her lifelong love of words and stories carries over in her enthusiastic storytelling adding flair and flavor to her shows.
Joanna’s blend of original stories, poetry, and folktales from around the world of those who have settled in Louisiana, along with her unique performance, delights both young and old. Joanna  often gets her audience to participate with her in the art of storytelling. She has performed her tales across Louisiana and Mississippi.
Joanna Ballard also shares her stories in other formats as an artist, intertwining her love for words and color digitally in her own self styled “poetic art” as well as folk art jewelry. Her work has been shown and juried into the top galleries and museums in Louisiana as well as Los Angeles,  Norfolk, VA, and Dallas, TX.  Find out more by visiting her web site